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From strategy on paper to real implementation.

Connect goals and teams to your strategy. Make it easy for everyone to move in the same direction. Measure and celebrate as a winning team.

All you need to execute the strategy

With Our Big Picture, you get what you need to implement your strategy. Clarity and transparency for everyone involved and a common map to navigate together.


Strategy & Tactics


1. Describe the challenge

The vision you want to achieve, the problems you face and what is holding you back from achieving your goals.

2. Share the strategy & tactics

An overall way to overcome the obstacles in the challenge. Point actions in a certain direction but does not define exactly what is to be done.

3. Work in the same direction

Coherent initiatives to implement the tactics. The teams' work should support each other - not fight or be independent of each other.

4. Follow up, celebrate and adapt

Keep track of how things are going for you. Is the tactic working or does something need to be adjusted? How far have you come? Share progress and celebrate together.

How Our Big Picture works

With Our Big Picture, you get all the parts needed to successfully execute the strategy with the team. A common strategic map with goals that everyone shares, activities that can be co-planned and shared between teams, and key figures to show and follow up along the way.

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Unleash the power of employees

Show your teams how everything is connected. Make it easy for all employees to pull in the same direction.

😩 Without Our Big Picture

The strategy is shared at the kickoff

Goals remain in Excel files

 Difficult to connect work to goals and strategy

 Silos between teams

 Lack of focus - employees pull in different directions

😊 With Our Big Picture

 The strategy is always available for all

 Goals are connected to the strategy

 Work is connected to goals

 One big team  - no silos 

 Teams share the same goals and see each other's initiatives

Employees pull in the same direction

High commitment

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