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We are Responsive Tribes

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To support a more engaged workplace where people feel great


To make it easier for everyone in an organisation to contribute, engage and take better decisions using a transparent and shared Big Picture.
Using focus and alignment as drivers.


Trust. Easiness. Sustainable Growth. Speed.
Gustav Blue Light.png
Gustav Nygren

Hands-on Strategic Partner

Gustav is an organisational and leadership consultant and coach with deep expertise within Agile and OKRs He will be your guide to getting clarity of your current organisational health and supporting you in prioritising future measures. Gustav is a seeker of truth and will make sure your objectives will come to life and won’t just be put in a drawer and forgotten about. His background in senior positions during critical change initiatives makes him both your ally in achieving results as well as in supporting your psychological needs.

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Sabina Johansen

Social Marketing and Sales

Sabina is obsessed with your superpowers but her passion lies in your weaknesses! Experienced Regional Account Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Great knowledge and experience in procurement in the public sector. She is skilled in Marketing Management, Sales, Enterprise Software, Sales Management, and Product Management.

Petra Blue Light.png
Petra Tollet-Egnell

Personal Coach

Petra has worked with training and health over 30 years. She has a PhD and deeply understands the effects of life style, hormones and the bodys metabolism. Petra works with our product "My Big Picture" that helps individuals to reach their holistic goals in life.

Per Blue Light.png
Per Egnell

Customer Success and Sales

Per will provide you with next-level sales coaching while providing energy, direction and focus. Following up strategic sales with results rather than activities and creating aligned engagement for the whole organisation is what he does best.

Eddie Profile Blue Light.png
Eduardo "Eddie" Llanos

Coach and CEO

Eddie will be your guide in your journey to involve more coworkers in working with your strategy with a strong direction and crystal clear focus. He always brings energy and positivity to the groups he works with. Eddie has a background working with product organisations supporting teams and groups working better together. He focuses on building trust and relationships. He helps you to define clear, outcome based goals and objectives.

Anders Blue Light.png
Anders Bäck

Product Development

Anders is our CTO and makes sure that the platform is secure, robust and responsive. He will help you with integrations and any technical question your team may have.

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