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Let's bring your 

strategy to life together 

Visualise your strategy to align and focus together. 
Spark more discussions, enable everyone to see Our Big Picture and celebrate every step of the way. 
Our Big Picture facilitates improved decision-making, increased collaboration, enhanced efficiency, and the achievement of the most important business goals.

- No credit card required

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Involve everyone

Involve more people to reach the business goals. Create clarity and transparency around the vision and strategy.


Define focus areas and create a picture of what will create the most value and why it is important.

Simple Business Plan ENG.png

Our Big Picture supports Swedish and English and is designed with the motto "Less is more". 


Align easily

See the big picture to get everyone on the same page.


Create a shared map that everyone can see and contribute to, making it easier to understand how everything is connected.

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Win together

Work together to achieve shared goals, celebrating every step forward.


Look at the shared map, reflect, act on changes, and reach the desired outcomes as a team.

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Focus on what is most important for the organization.


Make it easier for employees to make good decisions based on a changing world and create space for what is most valuable.

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Our customers


Thomas Falck

"Our Big Picture truly helped us to focus and create alignment throughout the organisation in a way I didn't think was possible"

Use the power of empowered
and aligned people

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